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Bad Stats 2

Version 1.2.5  - FREE

Bad Stats 2 is an excellent companion to any Battlefield: Bad Company 2 player!

Bad Stats 2 allows players to look up themselves or any other player on Xbox360, PS3 and PC version of the game.

Simply type in your player name, select which system you play on, and the app will tell the stats server to fetch your stats from EA. Any time you start the app just tap refresh to get your latest stats update (sometimes can take server 6 hours to refresh, however tapping it once, quitting the app, than checking back in a few minutes works alot!)

Features include:

-Seeing current rank and progress to next.

-Detailed breakdown of wins / losses / KD Ratios

-Detailed breakdown for every weapon in game, including shots fired, kills, and stars achieved!

-Detailed breakdown for every vehicle in game, including kills, distance driven and stars achieved!

-Break down of performance for each kit, as well as unlock status and progression for each gadget and specialization.

New in 1.2.5

-Added best weapons (most kills, best accuracy) on top of weapon page.

-Redesigned player management screen.

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed app crashing on start up.

-Optimized app to increase performance.

-Fixed favorites not being added to favorites list.

-Added alert for when server is overloaded, instead of loading empty stats. Apologies for the bogus release.

If you still have problems, email me at apps@block4media.com so we can track down the bugs!

Thanks for using Bad Stats 2!

Pitstop Pro

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a part of a stock car pit crew?

Race against the clock to change tires on a stock car as fast as you can! Play single player to beat your own best time, or race against a friend using a blue tooth connection! Track your best times and compare them to other people from all around the world using Open Feint! Practice and become skillful to unlock over 10 achievements using Open Feint!

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